Why are limos not popular anymore?

They are an undeniable danger on the road. There were limousines everywhere and some limousine builders even became household names. But lately, with the increase in transportation options and, in some places, social postures, limousines have declined in popularity. Factory luxury sedans and SUVs have improved a lot over the years, which could be considered a factor.

For example, a modern Lincoln Navigator L can comfortably accommodate as many people as a stretched Town Cars from the 80s. In the 90s, Lincoln Town Cars and, eventually, SUVs became the preferred method for transporting the rich (especially due to increasing safety concerns). Although smaller than elastic limousines, regular limousines are very comfortable, have plenty of legroom and provide a large trunk for optimal storage capacity. It just depends on the size and brand of the limousine, for example, SUVs will likely carry more passengers than other types of limousine brands.

People from certain image-driven businesses, such as entertainment and fashion, may also own limousines just for the show. Now people could get to and from airports without having to schedule in advance by booking limousine companies. A prom, a wedding, an elegant dinner, a long trip to the airport or a sporting event, limousines were the best way to feel fabulous when traveling to work. But what those two classic limousine scenes have in common, since they were released more than 25 years ago, is why Reston Limousine, one of the region's largest executive transportation companies, already owns only a few of its namesake vehicles.

Not only will a used limousine retain its value better, it will also save thousands of dollars in sales taxes and insurance. My father soon realized that taking taxis everywhere would be the most expensive part of the trip and stumbled upon a limousine service that was much cheaper. Technologically, as you point out, limousines are not needed at all, and there was never a practical need for a stretch other than seating capacity. Public figures, athletes and celebrities use Jimmy's limousine service to get to that particular event in comfort and style.

The smaller ones may only carry up to six passengers inside the limousine, while the larger ones can hold up to 18. Stretched limousines were only popular among those under 30 and the generation that developed them is “far outnumbered now”. When my family visited the United States, my dad would bring us limousines to get around (there were 10 of us, 4 were my family and the rest were friends of the family).