How limousine is made?

View all · half with cutting wheels. It takes many hours to go from a standard car to a luxury limousine. Not only does the process involve adding segments to the car, it often adds an entirely new interior. But with a little luck and a great deal of technical experience, the elastic limousine can look like a million dollars.

Aurus Senat limousine from the President of the Russian Federation. In the United States, there are several companies specializing in the manufacture of limousines (Crystal Coach, Moonlight, Executive Coach Builders, Royal, etc.). Contrary to popular belief, limousines are not made by car manufacturers (Ford, Lincoln, etc.); instead, a limousine manufacturing company buys a new vehicle and then “stretches” it. The new vehicle is glued to the chassis, then literally cut in half, separated, the frame is inserted and welded back together.

The process of building a limousine or limousine is very technical. The limousine has a history even before cars were invented and the first stretched limousine for cars dates back almost 100 years. As such, the 1916 definition of a limousine by the Society of Automotive Engineers of the United States is an enclosed car that seats three or five people inside and the driver's seat outside. The government regularly inspects vehicles and asks limousine companies to prove that their vehicles have been tested.

But access to limousines was limited to the rich and powerful, such as prominent politicians, dictators, or even as the enduring symbol of dark days, such as JFK's Lincoln Continental limousine. The varied interiors allow you to rent a limousine for business meetings, social gatherings, weddings, club trips or other forms of luxury entertainment. Enterprising limousine companies have taken advantage of that image by turning everything from Lincoln Navigator SUVs to MINI Coopers and Lamborghinis into an effort to attract customers and please whimsical celebrities. The limousine body style generally has a partition that separates the driver from the rear passenger compartment.

In German-speaking countries, a limousine is simply a sedan, while a car with an extended wheelbase is called a Pullman Limousine. You can rent a limousine with plasma-screen televisions, DVD players, surround sound systems with theatrical quality speakers, satellite radio and video game consoles. Once a conversion company adds weight to the original vehicle, previous FMVSS tests are canceled and the company must perform new tests to prove that its limousines meet federal standards. Basically, this is compensation to the government for all the pollution that the limousine will generate during its lifespan.

Therefore, the origin of limousines is based on incorporating protection for the coachman who recalled the capes of these peasants. As elastic limousines became more popular, other companies began to enter the market, converting everything from classic luxury vehicles to high-end sports cars and SUVs. Bentley limousines contain handmade cabinets, expensive veneers and expensive communications systems so you can keep in touch with the office even while traveling in luxury. Limousine services emerged in places like New York City, where businessmen envisioned a market for visitors who wanted to travel in luxury.