Is limo the same as limousine?

The size of the vehicle is the only difference between an elastic limousine and a normal limousine. A premium vehicle, whether it's an elastic limousine or a sedan, is called a limousine if it's driven by a chauffeur. The on-demand taxi model is simply different from the upfront hours exclusive driver-car service model used by limousines. Limousine and car services offer dedicated, high-end care and personalized attention, at more luxurious levels of equipment.

You may be surprised to discover that the limousine concept existed before motor vehicles were developed. Elastic limousines are the perfect setting for elegant, charming and romantic photos to remember your prom or your wedding day. Limousine and car services tend to offer high-end equipment and services for both. Despite being smaller than elastic limousines, traditional limousines are quite comfortable, have plenty of legroom, and have a huge trunk for maximum storage.

But today, there are other types of elastic limousines available, including six, eight and ten packs. You can choose if you want a car, an SUV, a limousine, or a party bus when you call the limousine service. Both taxis and limousines have a legitimate need and function, but they are very different, especially here in the Miami market, so it's important to be aware and informed. Elastic limousines are made of simple sedans, city cars, or other vehicles that have been split in half, stretched, and then reassembled.

Because of this, limousines can be identified by the glass screen that divides the driver's seat from the passenger area. Established in 1995, “MIAMI Limousine Service LLC strives to provide the best limousine and car service for its customers. But there is a third important difference between taxis and limousines that has to do with the way they operate logistically and the way they earn money.