What classifies as a limo?

The limousine can be a city car, a sedan, a mini SUV, an SUV, a flexible fuel, a hybrid, or an elastic limousine. Even party vans and buses count like limousines when provided by a limousine company and are equipped with appliances and have a professional chauffeur. A car with a body like that. All content on this website, including the dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography and other reference data, is for informational purposes only.

This information should not be considered complete, current and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation or advice from a legal, medical or other professional. Everyone knows what a sedan is, right? Of course it is. They are three-box cars, often with four doors and two rows of seats. They are practically in the form of the generic and iconic that all cars use to convey the very concept of “car”.

Have you ever wondered why they're called “sedans”? No? Too bad, I'm going to tell you anyway. And I can also tell you where the words “limousine” and “sedan” come from, because why not?.