Can 12 people fit in a limo?

Most limousines can seat 8 to 18 people, so if you choose a standard limousine size, you can expect to accommodate this number of people comfortably. Depending on the specific vehicle, you may be able to carry up to 14 people in a limousine, especially if you choose an elastic SUV. The sky is the limit when it comes to options for passengers. Larger, more modern limousines, such as the Dodge Ram or the Hummer, are a perfect choice for larger groups.

You don't have to settle for an eight-person limousine when you can fit up to 20 in some spacious limousine SUVs. To do this, I will list the types of limousines and then indicate the number of limousines that fit in each of them and a summary of what they are used for. So how many people can fit in a limousine? Well, instead of responding right away and saying a specific number I'll tell you in a more natural and understandable way that gives you a better idea.