A payday loan for private individuals

We use payday loan when we need additional financial support. At present, we can decide on both bank payday loan and non-bank payday loan. What’s more, we can also borrow payday loan completely via the internet.

A broken fridge, a holiday trip, a new car, a family party or a great handbag on the sale – the opportunity to take a payday loan is very much. For a payday loan, we can go to a bank where we already have a bank account, we can also choose another bank or a non-bank institution. We can take a payday loan for a month or a few when we need a payday loan for private persons , so we have a choice.

A tailor-made payday loan

Today, we can adjust the payday loan individually to meet your needs, as well as the possibilities. We do not have to compromise, so the installment payday loan can meet our expectations completely. In the search for appropriate payday loan, special internet websites containing calculators and rankings are also very helpful.

The payday loan does not have to be difficult to pay. Currently, we can determine not only its amount and repayment time, but also choose the repayment day that is most convenient for us or the form of installments (equal or decreasing). In the case of selected non-bank companies, we can also use the option of extending the repayment period if we are unable to pay installments on time.

On convenient terms – even just for proof

Currently, we do not need to report a pile of documents in order to get a payday loan . More and more banks and payday loan companies do not require special income statements from their clients.

In the case of payday loan for smaller amounts, all you need is a statement, and some payday loan companies do not have any additional requirements besides presenting your ID card. This means that we can also receive financial support if we could not count on a bank payday loan.

Now also via the internet

Internet turned out to be a real revolution in the payday loan market – with its use, we can also apply for payday loan for individuals and companies without having to leave the house. It is really very fast, comfortable and additionally safe. Internet payday loan offers can be found both at banks and non-banking companies.

On-line bank payday loan are mainly targeted at customers who already have bank accounts established . Based on their history, the bank determines the client’s creditworthiness and offers a payday loan – just a few clicks to get it.

Non-bank payday loan on-line are also very popular. It may be short-term, but we also have installment payday loan for higher amounts. In order to receive money, even on the same day, complete the application and after accepting it pass the verification procedure – sometimes it involves transferring the symbolic amount of 1 zloty to the lender’s account, which is usually returned later

Therefore, when a payday loan for a private person is needed, we have a range of proposals for each circumstance!

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